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  • News    Events

    Social Tennis

    Sun 3 - 5pm,
    Wed 9 - 11.30am,
    Wed 7 - 9pm

    Club Championships

    Each season the club organises senior club championships. These take place over two consecutive weekends and are great for players and spectators alike. There is a small charge and information will be disseminated via the club newsletter. All senior members are encouraged to enter. For more details click here.

    Fun Tournaments / Family Events / Barbeques

    These are held regularly throughout the main summer season, subject to numbers attending, and are advised by newsletter or notice board. Popular tournaments in the past have included the Yankee and Wimbledon tournaments.


    In October each year, the midweek committee organises A, B and C grade tournaments which are open to ladies from other clubs, as well as from Campbell Park. These tournaments meet the needs of a wide range of tennis players, with the grades being equivalent to the old system of graded interclub play. They are special days with tennis, prizes and a luncheon.


    Junior Club Champs are held annually, in 2 divisions:
    Under 8 years & under 10 years: Played in early December.
    The Remainder (under 12, 14, 16 & 18 years): Played in mid February.

  • About Us

    Campbell Park Tennis Club is sited in the leafy grounds of the iconic Cornwall Park in the inner city suburbs of Epsom and Greenlane. It boasts six newly surfaced and floodlit tennis courts. Entrance is from Greenlane Road East with excellent parking and comfortable modern, architect-designed Clubhouse facilities.

    Tennis players range from juniors, through social, to committed NZ ranked players. All are welcome at our friendly and well organised Club environment catering for all players needs.

    Campbell Park offers a choice of up-to-date court surfaces with three plexi-cushion [hard] courts (installed in 2009) and three synthetic grass courts (installed in 2008). The plexi-cushion surface is used for the Australian Open and Campbell Park is the first, and currently only, club in New Zealand to offer this top of the range surface.

    The Club has a full range of senior interclub tennis teams for both men and women. It also has a vibrant junior interclub programme with opportunities to play for all ages of juniors.

    Social tennis is well organised and centres around one social night during the week and Sunday afternoon play. Midweek ladies tournaments take place one morning per week. Their aim is to make Wednesday mornings a time for friendly social tennis.

    High quality tennis coaching at both senior and junior level and all tennis accessories are available from our resident coach Judy Chaloner and her team of assistants.

    Juniors are a particular strength of the Club. A well organised coaching programme is in place to improve the youngsters’ skills at all levels.

    Oh and by the way our fee structure is the lowest in the inner city region.

  • Roll of Honour

    Veterans       Consolations
    Year Mens Singles Mens Doubles Ladies Singles Ladies Doubles Mixed Doubles
    2012-13 A. Kemp
    P. Thein
    K. Nihill K. Nihill
    N. Sharp
    K. Nihill
    A. Rogers
    2011-12 R. Cunliffe S. Brockbank
    B. Davies
    K. Nihill K. Nihill
    N. Sharp
    K. Nihill
    A. Rogers
    2010-11D. NorthA. Rogers
    A. Hafezi
    K. NihillN. Coombes
    T. Lim
    K. Nihill
    A. Rogers
    2009-10D. NorthD. North
    D. Cawood
    K. NihillK. Nihill
    N. Sharp
    K. Nihill
    A. Rogers
    2008-9R. CheyneR. Cheyne
    A. Hafezi
    K. NihillK. Nihill
    N. Sharp
    N. Sharp
    D. North
    2007-8G. WilliamsK. Barry
    B. Griffiths
    J. ChalonerJ. Chaloner
    C. Cobb
    L. Olsen
    K. Barry
    2006-7J. EccletonA. Lee
    J. Eccleton
    N. SharpV. Letele
    L. Olsen-Salmon
    V. Letele
    G. Williams
    2005-6G. WilliamsB. Griffiths
    K. Barry
    M. KaemperN. Sharp
    M. Kaemper
    N. Sharp
    J. Tan
    2004-5G. WilliamsW. Pyne
    F. Chang
    V. GatesN. Sharp
    V. Letele
    V. Gates
    G. Williams
    2003-4D. McKenzieG. Williams
    B. Wright
    J. McKenzieV. Gates
    T. Scorer
    J. McKenzie
    D. McKenzie
    2002-3A. WalpoleA. Walpole
    D. McKenzie
    V. GatesV. Gates
    T. Scorer
    V. Gates
    B. Wright
    2001-2A. WalpoleB. Meyer
    G. Windross
    K. VanoF. Munro
    K. Vano
    G. Williams
    K. Vano
    2000-1A. WalpoleA. Walpole
    D. McKenzie
    K. VanoF. Munro
    K. Vano
    G. Williams
    K. Vano
    1999-00B. MeyerB. Meyer
    G. Williams
    M. KaemperM. Kaemper
    L. Chemaly
    F. Munro
    B. Meyer
    1998-99P. ChemalyC. Apted
    P. Chemaly
    F. MunroF. Munro
    J. Uehara
    J. Uehara
    G. Williams
    1997-98P. ChemalyC. Apted
    P. Chemaly
    L. ChemalyF. Munro
    J. Uehara
    K. Tadenuma
    B. Meyer
    1996-97P. ChemalyB. Meyer
    J. Page
    L. ChemalyB. Cahill
    L. Chemaly
    L. Chemaly
    P. Chemaly
    1995-96C. McCreadyC. McCready
    D. Pizzini
    A. PatersonR. Jacobs
    A. Paterson
    B. Cahill
    C. McCready
    1994-95C. AptedM. Blewden
    D. Mackrell
    A. PatersonR. Jacobs
    A. Paterson
    A. Windross
    D. Mackrell
    1993-94C. AptedC. Apted
    W. Pyne
    R. JacobsR. Jacobs
    A. Paterson
    A. Windross
    R. Walpole
    1992-93C. AptedC. Apted
    W. Pyne
    R. JacobsJ. Ulrich
    A. Pengelly
    R. Jacobs
    R. Walpole
    1991-92C. AptedC. Apted
    R. Walpole
    K. RichardsJ. Ulrich
    T. McDonald
    D. Kevin
    J. Kevin
    1990-91D. KevinC. Apted
    P. Coory
    B. CahillR. Coutts
    F. Stefferson
    C. Apted
    L. Henry
    1989-90D. KevinD. Kevin
    G. Swinkels
    A. StrachanA. Strachan
    L. Reynolds
    A. Strachan
    G. Swinkels
    1988-89P. ThomsonP. Thomson
    D. Kevin
    A. StrachanA. Strachan
    J. Furlong
    A. Strachan
    D. Kevin
    1987-88P. ThomsonG. Swinkels
    E. Rea
    F. McLeodA. Strachan
    M. Tornquist
    E. Rea
    F. McLeod
    1986-87P. ThomsonD. Kevin
    P. Thomson
    N. McRaeK. Gorringe
    L. Chandler
    G. Swinkels
    P. Fleming
    1985-86P. ThomsonC. Apted
    P. Thompson
    A. StrachanA. Strachan
    R. Trotman
    G. Swinkels
    A. Strachan
    1984-85P. SimpsonP. Thomson
    P. Simpson
    A. StrachanA. Strachan
    R. Trotman
    M. Lawlor
    A. Strachan
    1983-84M. BattershillE. Rea
    G. Swinkels
    A. StrachanJ. McKinnon
    A. Harborne
    A. Reynolds
    I. Stark
    1982-83P. ThomsonP. Thomson
    S. Johnston
    J. McKinnonJ. McKinnon
    T. Floyd
    S. Johnston
    R. Trotman
    1981-82P. ThomsonP. Thomson
    S. Johnston
    J. M. McKinnonA. Thomson
    C. Trotman
    E. Rea
    L. Jonnas
    1980-81P. ThomsonP. Thomson
    D. Rattray
    P. FlemingP. Fleming
    D. Wade
    S. Johnston
    P. Fleming
    1979-80R. HoffmanR. Hoffman
    M. Dehnen
    G. WestJ. Reynolds
    R. McGregor
    E. Rea
    D. Brabant
    1978-79B. MurdochB. Murdoch
    G. Williams
    C. TrotmanE. Lawlor
    C. Birch
    C. Apted
    C. Trotman
    1977-78P. ThomsonP. Thomson
    G. Williams
    B. VercoeB. Vercoe
    R. McGregor
    P. Thomson
    K. Silich
    1976-77B. Murdoch
    J. Montgomery

    1976B. MurdochP. Thomson
    P. Scherer
    C. JonesJ. Montgomery
    P. Murdoch
    B. Beverland
    J. Montgomery
    1975A. Cato-VickersD. Edwards
    D. Rattray
    P. HernC. Jones
    M. Ryan
    D. Edwards
    P. Hern
    1974R. McGhieB. Reynolds
    T. Williams
    J. ConnorC. Jones
    M. Ryan
    G. Williams
    K. Williams


    Year Mens Singles Mens Doubles Ladies Singles Ladies Doubles Mixed Doubles
    2018-19 I. Wood L. McCormack
    A. Ruegg


    Year Mens Singles Ladies Singles
    2015-16 F. Crackett G. Bradley
    2014-15 S. Raju
    2013-14 B. Cotton
    2012-13 S. Lettner T. Sceats
    2011-12 S. Anandabaskaran K. Harrington
    2010-11M. Fowler
    2009-10M. Fowler A. Ameratunga
    2008-9M. Fowler
  • History

    The Campbell Park Tennis Club has a long history. The club site is magnificent, located opposite to Cornwall Park and fringed with mature trees and grassed areas.

    The club was formally constituted on 30 September 1922 as the Campbell Park Lawn Tennis Club. Captain A. Whitney was elected president in recognition of the energy and enthusiasm he had put in to getting the club set up. Capt. Whitney, at the first General Meeting, paid tribute to the generosity of the Cornwall Park Trustees in providing the land for the club, and other assistance.

    At the first Annual General Meeting in 1923 it was recorded that from the outset the committee was handicapped by lack of funds and found it difficult to get players to give up playing time to form courts and make other improvements. All available funds were spent on buying essential materials and labour for two hard courts and three grass courts.

    However, all did not proceed smoothly as the grass courts later proved a failure. Committee efforts converted one of the grass courts into a hard court, and plans were put in place for the formation of three more hard courts. Tournaments were organised and social functions and dances held.

    The club found it was not able to affiliate with the Auckland Lawn Tennis Association, as one of their stipulations was that the club must possess a pavilion. It was resolved to focus on building a pavilion and this seems to have been achieved in a remarkably short time. At the 1924 AGM it was reported that the progress of the club had been much greater than even the most optimistic member had anticipated. This had been made possible by work being done on the courts by a few committee members right through the winter season, together with the efforts of the Ladies' Committee in organising card evenings and dances.

    In 1925 the club pavilion was completed. Club membership was restricted to 100 members, with ladies’ membership restricted to 66% of the total!!

    In 1928 the club had 178 financial members, the second largest playing membership of any club in Auckland. Over the years the formation and maintenance of courts proved to be an onerous task, yet the number of courts formed quickly grew to 10. At this stage they were clay-based courts with a fine chip surface and required constant maintenance, in some years carried out by a paid groundsman and in others by club members. For many years the court lines were formed by lead tapes, later replaced by plastic tapes. The first task before play commenced was the sweeping of the courts using three metre wide hard bristle brooms followed by sweeping of grit from the line tapes. Then, if the courts were dry, water guns were turned on and the nozzles swept from side to side to dampen all the court surfaces. During a day’s play this procedure might have to be repeated several times. At regular intervals the courts also had to be rolled.

    Over the years club membership shrank somewhat and the number of courts were reduced. Two clay courts at the eastern end were turned into a carpark. Two at the western end were turned into a pleasant grassed area and a volley board facility.

    Eventually, it was decided that chip courts were a thing of the past and a new surface, Techtone, was introduced. These were the first courts in Auckland to have this surface and they were so successful that NZ Davis Cup players used to practise at the club. With the passing of time these surfaces became worn and the club was advised the six courts needed to be completely reformed to provide better bases. New fund raising efforts began and the front three courts were surfaced in Astroturf, and the back three in Plexipave, to provide harder, faster surfaces.

    By 1967 the old pavilion was in need of upgrading, when disaster struck and it was demolished accidentally — by fire! Temporary accommodation was provided (with long-drop toilets). In 1968 with new efforts and under the drive and leadership of Terry Williams and assistance once again from the Cornwall Park Board of Trustees, a new clubhouse was built. It served the club well, but 30 years on it became obvious it would have to be substantially upgraded to meet current requirements, or be replaced. After careful consideration the decision was made to rebuild and a new pavilion was opened on 7 November 1999.

    The club has had some long serving members. Notable among these was Mr Val Barfoot. In 1924 club minutes show he joined the committee, and became president in 1927. He proved to be a tireless worker for the club, serving in various positions until 1976.

    Over the years the club has been very successful in interclub competition including competing successfully in the top Caro Bowl competition. It now fields teams in a wide range of men’s, women’s and juniors’ grades. Recent years have seen growth in organised midweek play, and frequent night tennis now that the club has very good court lighting.

    The club is grateful to the Cornwall Park Trustees for their assistance over the years. In recognition of this, the Chairman of the Trust was invited to officially open the new pavilion in 1999.

    As a final comment, the similarity in the design of the upper section of the 1925 pavilion and the current 1999 version, is quite striking.

    • Social Tennis


      The social tennis sessions are currently Wednesday evening, starting at 7pm, and Sunday afternoon, starting at 3pm. These times may change at the discretion of the committee, and may do so when daylight saving ends. The social tennis duty person will introduce members, provide balls and organise play. All senior members are welcome to come along and enjoy these sessions.

      Courts can be booked for casual games, subject to availability.

    • Midweek

      Midweek tennis is organised by the midweek convener and sub-committee, and their aim is to make Wednesday mornings a time for friendly, social tennis. These sessions are from 9.00a.m. till 11.30 a.m. and attract a wide range of ability and ages and are open to all senior and midweek members. Games are organised and players get the opportunity to play within their skill range.

    • Junior

      Junior social tennis sessions are held on Friday afternoons in the summer season for all players.

      Up to 10 years:   4.15pm - 5.00pm
      11-12 years:   5.00pm - 5.45pm

      During these times the junior co-ordinator runs a weekly BBQ. Funds raised from this venture are used for junior prize giving (last Friday of Term 1)

    • Teenage Tennis

      This is held every Friday during the summer season for players 13 years and over, from 6.30pm - 8.30pm (approx). Bring their own music, play some tennis, and sit around and chat. The club is the place where teenagers want to be on a Friday evening!

  • News    Events

    Carobowl Men 2011

    Manager: Natascha Sharp

    Kevin Doh
    Dima Babenkov (c)
    Devon Sgubin
    Ben Davies

    Carobowl Women

    Manager: Shiva Raju

    Tiffany Wheelock
    Megan Rogers
    Kasey Nihill
    Nadia Coombes (c)
    Katie Riethmaier

  • Facilities

    The spacious clubhouse was designed in the style of a cricket pavilion, and was opened November 1999. The changing rooms and bathroom facilities are on the same level as the courts, with a modern kitchen and lounge area above.

    The clubhouse lounge is open for interclub days, social tennis sessions and club functions.


    Campbell Park offers a choice of surfaces, with 3 plexi-cushion [hard] courts, and 3 synthetic grass courts. The plexi-cushion courts were installed in 2009 and are the first courts of this surface at any New Zealand club. This international surface is used at the Australian Open and is already proving to be very popular with the locals. The three grass courts are only several years old and well-maintained.

    All Courts have good flood lighting, available until approximately 9.30pm.

    Court usage and priorities

    Members are welcome to use courts at all times subject to the following restrictions:

      Mon Tues Wed Thurs Fri Sat Sun
    8-9am             Junior Interclub
    9-10am Midweek Priority Midweek Social Tennis Midweek Priority Junior Coaching
    11am-12pm Senior Priority
    12pm-1pm       Senior Interclub

    Junior Priority

    Junior coaching

    Teenage tennis

    Senior Social Tennis
    5pm-6pm Senior Priority Senior Priority Senior Priority Senior Priority
    7pm-8pm Senior Social Tennis

    To clarify the previous restrictions, please note as follows:

    Wednesday evening and Sunday social tennis will be organised by the Club.
    The midweek convener will control the use of courts for organised club play and midweek events on weekdays from 9.00am till midday.
    The junior coaching and interclub uses all 6 courts and applies to the summer season only. Juniors may also play during other daylight hours, till 5.00pm, or when the courts are not required by a senior.
    Senior interclub in winter is Sunday 10am-2pm, not Saturday.
    The clubs professional coach is entitled to the use of one court for coaching at any time.
    The management committee may require courts for tournaments and competitions, and will place a notice on the notice board at least one week before the event.

    Court Booking

    There is a court booking system to book ahead for courts. Booking sheets are available by the downstairs phone in the clubhouse.

    Access & Club Security

    The club is accessed by an electronic card.


    Members are welcome to bring guests to the club, up to a maximum of three visits per guest. A guest fee is payable.

  • Coaching


    Head Coach

    Dwayne Cleugh
    Professional Tennis Coach

    Dwayne leads a team of highly competent coaches that provide excellent coaching results for players of all ages and abilities.

    The following lessions are available, Group Lessons, Private Lessons, Interclub Teams, Junior Squads, Tiny Tennis, Holiday Clinics, Match Play Tournaments, Demo Days, Pro-Shop Outlet, Racket Sales, Restringing Service
    Contact: 09 520 2191

    All Season Coaching

    Cardio Tennis

    Thursdays 6.15 - 7.45pm (interclub players)
    Fridays 9 - 10.30am (social & interclub players)
    Saturdays 8 - 9.30am (social & interclub players)

  • Junior Coaching

    There are organised junior coaching sessions on Monday, Wednesday and Friday afternoons, and on Saturday mornings. These sessions are tailored to accommodate children according to age and ability. Please note sessions are EITHER: Monday/Wednesday/Friday OR Saturday

    Mondays: 3:15pm - 4.00pm Beginners under 10 years
      4.00pm - 4.45pm 8 - 10 years (with experience)
      4.45pm - 5.30pm 11 - 12 years
    Wednesdays: 3:15pm - 4.00pm Beginners under 10 years
      4.00pm - 4.45pm 8 - 10 years (with experience)
      4.45pm - 5.30pm 11-12 years
      5.30pm - 6.15pm 13 years & over
    Fridays: 3:30pm - 4.15pm Beginners under 10 years
      4.15pm - 5.00pm 11 - 12 years
      5.00pm - 5.45pm 8 - 10 years (with experience)
      5.45pm - 6.30pm 13 years & over
      6.30pm - 7.15pm Teenage beginners (dependant on numbers)
    Saturdays: 9.00am - 9.45am Beginners under 10 years
      9.45am - 10.30am 8 - 10 years (with experience)
      10.30am - 11.15am 11-12 years
      10.30am - 11.15am Teenagers

    Coaching sessions begin Term 4 2013 and go through to end of Term 1 2014

  • The club professional is Dwayne Cleugh, who organises all the sessions. Dwayne provides professional coaching each session, in small groups, and this is included in your childs membership subscription. Any further coaching required, either individual or groups, can be booked directly with Dwayne.

    During the summer season there are Friday night social sessions for juniors from 4.15 pm - 5.45 pm (sessions according to age). Also, during the summer season, there is a weekly Teenage Tennis & Pizza Evening on a Friday Night 6.30 pm - 8.30 pm.

    Juniors have priority court use for their session times, and from 3.00-5.00 pm each weekday. They are welcome to use the courts at any other time provided they are not required by the senior members. Juniors must however vacate the courts when the last senior member leaves as the complex must be locked & alarm set by an adult. Junior membership does not include use of lights.

    All junior members must wear non marking tennis shoes. School shoes/sandals/jandals are not permitted.

    The club enters both the pre and post Christmas interclub competitions provided by Auckland Tennis. Each team is given partially subsidised coaching during the interclub season.

    We trust this information will be of assistance to you in deciding if your junior(s) would benefit from joining the Campbell Park Tennis Club. If you require any further information, please phone the club on 09-520-2191.

  • Pro Shop

    Baseline pro shop (downstairs at the club)

    Demo one before you buy

    We also supply:

    • Balls
    • Grips
    • Bags
    • Socks
    • Accessories
    • + 24 hour restringing service

    All rackets & gear at best prices. Call us first!!!!

    Contact Dwayne on 09 520 2191 to arrange a demo.

  • Interclub   

    Interclub Competitions

    Senior Interclub

    The club entered a wide range of teams in the Auckland Tennis interclub Saturday competitions this summer. The top men’s and women’s team is in the Caro Bowl Reserve grade. There are also other men’s and women’s teams in a wide range of the premier and open grades. Campbell Park also enters teams in the twilight competitions on Monday and Tuesday evenings. Usually several teams are also entered in the winter interclub competition which is held fortnightly on Sunday mornings, commencing in May.

    Senior Interclub is organised by the club captains. New members joining the club should note that additional team members are frequently required, so please contact your club captain if you are interested in playing interclub.

    Captains of interclub teams are responsible for notifying their players prior to all matches. In the case of player unavailability, captains need to find reserve players. Any rescheduled Interclub tennis matches must first be checked with the club manager for court allocation.

    Midweek Ladies

    Midweek tennis enters teams in the Auckland Tennis ladies midweek interclub competition, with a choice of playing on a Monday or Tuesday morning.

    Junior Interclub

    The club participates annually in the Auckland Tennis junior interclub competition. There are pre-Christmas (term 4) and post-Christmas (term 1) competitions for junior players. Players need to be under 18 years to enter.

    Play starts at 8.30 am on Saturday morning (12pm for beginners) and 9:00am on Sunday mornings.
    Teams are entered in both the beginners competition (for players new to the game with no previous match experience), and the open competition.

    The club offers coaching sessions with the club coach for each interclub team for the duration of their matches.

  • Subscriptions and Fees 2018 - 2019 Season

    Click Here To Renew Or Register Online

    PDF PPT Download membership form with subscriptions and fees.

      Type Fees
    Senior 18 and over at 1/4/19 $425
    Couple Partner at same address $800
    Junior under 18 at 1/4/19 $275
    Junior Interclub(coaching & ball costs) pre-xmas $165
    Junior plays Senior $310
    Student Full time tertiary under 25 with current semester invoice $310
    Midweek Playing rights 9am - 3pm Mon - Fri $310
  • Contact Information

    Phone: 09 520 2191

    197 Greenlane West
    Auckland 1051

    Postal Address
    PO Box 17-003
    Auckland 1546

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