Triples Tournament & Christmas Party


Our annual Triples Tournament and Christmas Party was held in mid-December.

Eight teams vied for the title of Triples Champions, a game comprising three players on each side of the net in a triangle formation, rotating a position after each point. Balls are fed to one position for a set number of points then the teams swap sides. Fast and fun is a good way to describe it. This year the title was taken out by team “Miss-all-toes” comprising Bridie, Bruce and Rico …..congratulations guys. Bridget, Cathy and Kate of “Kiss My Ace” came in second, clearly not impeded too much by their awesome gingerbread outfits!

It was great to see so many teams in costume.

Thanks to coaches Dwayne, Casyn and Grace, together with Club President Leo for feeding the balls.

Following the on-court antics, we adjourned to the clubhouse for a delicious Christmas dinner of ham on the bone, salads and rolls followed by a selection of Christmassy dessert treats.

Thanks to everyone who attended, we raised around $700 for the Club.

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